A Registration Call with me is a no-cost, 15-minute call to discuss the results of your registration and to see if we're a match to work together once you’ve completed registration; this step is REQUIRED prior to registering for any of the coaching packages. It is not a "let me pick your brain" type call.  If you'd like to "pick my brain", please schedule a "Quickie" session.  Thanks.  <3

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"The Quickie"

This option is for Basic Consulting: general questions; quick relationship Q&As; perspective on actions and ideas; dating profile crafting; "pick my brain" sessions, etc. 30 minutes.

Sessions are done via phone call. ($97)

So, which program is for you, “The Cuddle” or “The Engagement”?

Let’s see….

  • Do you feel as if you can no longer trust the decisions you make, in your relationships or any other area of your life?

  • Do you wonder why you are constantly ignoring or making excuses for the “red flags” that show up in your relationships, right in front of your face?

  • Are you ready to fling off the mask you wear to hide the fact you really don’t have it all together and be authentically you, without worry of what "the world” has to say about it?

  • Are you finally ready to stop being afraid of love and learn to give from your overflow without depleting who you are in the process?

    If you say “Hell Yes!” to any of the above and are ready to reclaim YOU, my programs are just for you!

    With my programs, we hone in on building trust in your intuition to end all of the second guessing about your decisions! You will be able to recognize and stop overlooking the red flags that present themselves and make better self-assured choices that fit YOU and your life!

    When you can live your life without any apologies, as your true self, you will have the total freedom that self-awareness and self love grows. You will show up in the world…seen and authentically YOU!

    By assisting you in learning to love yourself first, without the guilt, you will learn how to love others from your overflow instead of emptying yourself to everyone else in your life. You won’t ever have to worry about whether or not you can trust others because when you trust yourself, everyone else is manageable!!

The Programs

  • The Cuddle” is our one-on-one coaching session consisting of a 60-minute session, to include 2 check-in calls (10 minutes limit). ($175)

    The Engagement” is our 4-week coaching program consisting of four (4) 60-minute sessions to include 4 check-in calls (10 minute limit), email access during the program. ($647)

* Coaching sessions are done virtually, via phone call, and/or face-to-face, if local; may be extended as needed.

Upcoming Events / Retreats

The Release & Renew 2020” Retreat” is our signature weekend retreat! To find our more about this amazing, life-changing event, click here —-> ReleaseRenew2020 (investment ranging from $917 - $1535, as availability allows)

Are you ready to start living and loving without fear?

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