“An amazing woman.”

"Trena is an amazing woman God has giving her the gift to be able to say the right things at the right time. I had the privilege of spending two days with this fabulous lady and with-in those two days we went on an emotional roller coaster ride, talking about the past the present and the future. God was able to use her and give her the right things to say, thank you very much for an awesome time and for the reflections to know that my past does not reflect my future and the seven-year-old (ME) deserves to be my hero.. — feeling blessed." - Tamika J.

“Excellent service!”

"Excellent service and great help! Let her help you remove your obstacles to greatness." - Sharice B.


"Thanks for creating this space."

"You have a beautiful personality that promotes a relaxing environment to facilitate this process.  ...Through this I have been so blessed to hear several different women’s stories and it has given me the confidence to press on and improve my game, so many awesome people out there...and you created the medium for us to meet. I go back sometimes and look at your other interviews and each time I learn something different. Thanks for creating this space." - Althea S.

“..blessed with genuine knowledge...”

"I would love to thank God first of all for giving you such a caring spirit to be concerned about other people well being. You really are a rare jewel, you have been blessed with genuine knowledge to respond on different subjects of everyday without being bias. ... you offer me great advice whether I agree with you or not. In the end I remember what you've told me in your coaching and to my avail it really helped. Keep up the "Good Work" Trena.  Love You!"  - Marilyn F.

“...approach was calming and encouraging.”

“I had a great experience with Trena. She helped me as I work on getting past my apprehension to do videos. Trena's approach was calming and encouraging. She even shifted the format to accommodate me. Trena has a loving and caring spirit where you know that she is on your team to help you succeed.” - Janelle J.