First Step to Self - Rewriting Your Narrative Challenge

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First Step to Self - Rewriting Your Narrative Challenge

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"The First Step to Self - Rewriting Your Narrative" 5-Day Challenge - (Starts 1 Nov - 5 Nov 2019)

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Most of you feel something's missing when it comes to having your desired life. Something that's inhibiting you from moving forward... some blockage or fear.

You ask yourself "What's wrong with me?" and "Why do I always end up here?" yet still find yourself in the same space, making the same bad decisions, time after time.

And what's strange is, for the life of you, you can't quite pinpoint what that "SOMETHING" is that's causing all of the chaos...

Well, this challenge will be a little different from other challenges as, going in, the TRUE challenge won't be known (remember, we know it's 'something' just not sure what that something is!).

Using my Angel cards, you will receive a PRIVATE card reading to unveil the specific challenge area for YOU!

We will then, in a private group, use video and me going "Live", after EVERY step to respond to any questions that arises as we go through my 4-R Healing System (Recall, Rewrite, Release, Renew) process for your particular challenge.

Not only will you discover that underlying issue you've been struggling with for so long, working together, we will expose and release it's stronghold.

What does that mean? You get to:

- For once, truly look at your 'thing' and move beyond it's immobilizing hold on you;

- Experience the freedom of releasing one of your pain points so it NO longer has the power to control your decisions or deepen the distrust you have for yourself;

- Finally you get to step out of the cycle of confusion! No longer finding yourself in that space of shame, hurt, embarrassment due to bad decisions or things just 'happening' to you.

- It also means you get an opportunity to experience working with me! 😜

The investment?
- $125;
- and your willingness to dedicate a short period of time being honest and open with yourself.

For only $125, you gain the freedom and release of one of your pain points, beginning the first step of your healing journey.

That's it!

The 5-Day "First Step to Self - Rewriting Your Narrative" Challenge starts on 1 November. To complete registration, join the private group by clicking the link below: